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Roxy Ann Memory Community is distinguished from other facilities by our implementation of the core principles and concepts of the Eden Alternative.

The concepts of the Eden Alternative allow us to transform the care environment into a habitat for human beings that promotes a quality of life for all involved: Elders, their Loved Ones, and those who collaborate with them as care partners.


This principle-based philosophy allows us to exchange an institutionalized approach to care into the creation of a community where life is worth living and deep relationships are developed. The Eden Alternative eliminates the loneliness, helplessness, and boredom often experienced by Elders affected by Alzheimer and dementia.


The Eden Alternative shows how companionship, the opportunity to provide meaningful care to other living things, and variety and spontaneity, can succeed where pills, medications and other “institutional” methods fail.


Numerous studies have shown that the Eden Alternative is a powerful tool to improve the quality of life and quality of care, including decreases in medication overuse and need for restraints. It has also been an effective means to improve staff satisfaction and reduce turnover. Most importantly, Elders-supported by their care partners- can direct their daily lives.

We are a certified Eden Alternative Community, the only certified memory community in Oregon.

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